Problems Buying an Entry

1 – Can I pay by PayPal / Cheque / Cash?
We can only accept entries paid for with a credit card.

2- Can I enter more than once?
Yes, you may enter as many times as you choose.

3- I have a promotional code, how can I use it?
Please first choose the type of entry you wish to make (eg, one series entry). On the next page you will be able to enter your promotional code, and after submitting that form you will see your discount applied.

4- I have a promotional code, but it doesn’t work?
Please note that most codes are time-limited. If the deadline for using your code has passed, it will not be usable.


Problems Using Your Entry

5- I bought too many entries / ran out of time, can I get a refund?
Sorry, but all entry fees are non-refundable, as stated in the terms and conditions that you accepted on entry.

6- I lost the email with my entry link. What can I do?
No problem. Fill in this form and we’ll email you again.


Problems Uploading Images

7- Have my images uploaded correctly?
If your images have uploaded correctly you will see a small version of each photo on the entry page, alongside the caption you entered. If you cannot see your photo, then your image has not uploaded correctly. If a caption has been stored but no image, you can delete it using the Edit option.

8- I can’t upload my images – I see a green bar, it says 100%, but that’s it
Our image uploader is designed to work with all modern web browsers, but some – in particular, Internet Explorer 11 – aren’t able to use it. If you are unable to upload your images please either download a modern browser (we recommend Google Chrome), or click the link on the upload page to use our Classic Uploader instead.

9- What’s the Classic Uploader?
The Classic Uploader uploads image files in a way that’s slower, but better supported by old browsers such as Internet Explorer 11. Please note that it can accept JPEG files of up to 5MB in size only, and that you will experience a wait after clicking the Upload button.

10- Can I send my photos by email / WeTransfer / on DVD / some other way?
We can only accept images that are uploaded using our entry system. This ensures that each one is logged with your entry details, and made available to our judges.


Problems With Titles and Texts

11- There isn’t enough room for my image title, or other text
Please note that maximum lengths that apply to these texts. The length limits are noted on the form used to enter them and are given in characters (letters), not words.

12- Are titles required? Is the other information required?
We need to know the title of your image, and the name of the subject. All other information is optional.


Problems After Uploading Your Entry

13- I can’t see the option to submit my entry
The Submit button appears at the top of your entry page once you have uploaded at least one image.

14- What happens when I submit my entry?
When you submit your entry we will send you a confirmation email, and your images (along with their captions, statements etc) are stored, ready to be viewed by the judges.

15- I have submitted my entry – can I change it?
No, once your entry has been submitted you may no longer alter it in any way.

16- Could you please check my images / text / entry?
I’m afraid this isn’t possible – our system receives thousands of images, so we can’t check individual ones. Please ensure that you are happy with your images and statement before submitting it.


Entries to the award are now closed!

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