Success Stories

I was very grateful to be one of the Portrait of Britain winners, and it has helped me tremendously. The exposure has helped boost my career, and in particular my first limited edition book, which the Portrait of Britain winning picture came from. The portrait has also been featured in TEMPUS magazine, with an article about investment in art. I was also recently invited to give a talk about the portrait, the book and my experience in exhibiting across Britain, thanks to my exposure from JC Decaux and British Journal of Photography. On the 16th of April, I will have a new portrait auctioned at Christie’s auction house, to raise money for the Terrence Higgins Trust. What a year it has been! Thanks to 1854 Media and British Journal of Photography.

Nicolas Laborie

Portrait of Britain made me look at my work anew. Firstly, in entering it creates its' own edit of the best shots of the last twelve months, and in that alone you can see whether a style or change in your work has happened. It is also the only competition that rests on reflecting our country for better or worse. It has certainly made me think about projects that reflect the state of our nation . Being selected was a great honour (especially twice) and gave me a lot to shout about on social media. Clients certainly noticed the competition and would mention seeing my entries up and about. 2017 was terrific for me; shooting a mixture of editorial and commercial work while also adding a personal project once or twice a year. This freshens my approach, removing my usual default tools to make myself work in other ways. I'd better start thinking about images for this years edition now…

Mark Harrison

It was such a thrill to be included in the second edition of Portrait of Britain. I love the concept and thought the selection and range of photographs was excellent, and illustrated real connoisseurship. An inclusion in such projects no doubt has a certain kudos, and I am definitely interested in submitting again this year.

Michael Clement

The photograph that was featured in Portrait of Britain was from a series entitled Soldiery, in which I captured 278 British Army Soldiers, creating a portrait of the army in the 21st Century.” Winning the Portrait of Britain has really opened a lot of doors. Receiving recognition and national press attention has very much helped to move my career forward.

Rory Lewis

As a working photographer, Portrait of Britain has inspired me in many ways , in particular to create more personal project work. Since winning PoB, I have been invited to talk on BBC radio Leicester about my project and photography in general, which has lead to a solo exhibition. This will be held in the BBC radio Leicester exhibition space and the exhibition will be broadcast daily on the radio. Being a part of Portrait of Britain has given me the confidence to enter more competitions and get exposure in other ways. I am currently starting a new project and look forward to what that will bring.

Sophie Morris

I've found being part of the Portrait of Britain exhibition really rewarding. It's certainly helped increase awareness of my work amongst the photography community, and I met many interesting and useful contacts at the drinks event. It was also lovely to spot my photographs on display in such prominent places.

Charlie Clift

Winning Portrait of Britain has given me confidence in my direction and style of shooting, I’ve spent a long time developing my work in alternative sports, alongside shooting street photography, and the image selected is a successful marriage of the two together. While the award was going on I had the opportunity to work on assignments in both Europe and Asia, covering Freestyle BMX events, which was superb as it gave me access to athletes at the top of their game.

Michael Drummond

The Portrait of Britain was fantastic for me last year. Unlike most of the finalists, I don't practice photography professionally. It was a tremendous thrill and a real boost to my confidence to be included amongst a group of photographers whose work I have admired and respected for, in some cases, many years . Last year, I was also represented in three other exhibitions in London - two organised by the printspace and one at Photofusion. I'll be entering Portrait of Britain again this year - fingers crossed!

David Hawley

Winning Portrait of Britain and being part of such a huge exhibition has been incredible. It has really encouraged me to continue with my fashion portraiture work. Being part of Portrait of Britain is something that will continue to help my career and my work progress. To have work shown alongside so many brilliant practitioners is very inspiring. I've connected with several of the other winners and it's really interesting to see their projects and get to know their work.

Kerry Curl

I've had a very busy year as a photographer. I think my Portrait of Britain entry has really contributed to that. My speciality is taking photographs for the world of TV and Film, and the entry certainly got noticed amongst peers within that industry. It has definitely encouraged me to start and continue with personal photography projects. A long term project I did about the A406 North Circular Road has gained some traction, and the Royal Photographic Society are going to do a feature about it, which is good news.

Colin Hutton

Winning Portrait of Britain has given me the confidence to take my portraiture photography seriously. Since winning, I have been very active within my practice and have been busy on a few different projects whilst working in the western American desert. I am currently working on a project around the amtrak train line, which travels across the USA. I have been incredibly active since having work shown for Portrait of Britain.

Ruby Pluhar

I was thrilled to be chosen as one of the photographers showing in Portrait of Britain, I love the idea of the gallery being in a public space, and part of my portrait practice has always been to champion the complexities and beauty found in 'ordinary' people and everyday life.

Brock Elbank

I have had a very busy year since being a part of Portrait of Britain, and I’m sure the profile it raised has really helped. I received some Arts Council funding to develop my work, which was inspired by a walk along the Anglo-Scottish border where the shepherdess portrait was made. It is now a book published by Visual Arts in Rural Communities (VARC) . I will also be putting on a solo show with Berwick Visual Arts in the Autumn.

Zoe Childerley

I was selected for Portrait of Britain in 2016 and 2017, and both times I found the experience to be really positive! It was great to meet other exhibitors last year at the event, and to celebrate everyone's work. In 2016, my project was featured on various sites internationally, most likely as a result of exposure from the exhibition. Personally, it was just a fantastic experience to see my work around the country in public spaces! The portrait that was selected in 2017 for Portrait of Britain was of author and illustrator Judith Kerr. She called me after to say how thrilled she was to be included, so many thanks for that.

Clare Hewitt

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